Youth Ambassador Program

Lead the way for

other Missouri youth

to be healthy

and drug-free.


Apply Here To Be A Youth Ambassador!

Join the Youth Ambassador Program!  To apply, click on the link below.  Missouri’s Youth/Adult Alliance is accepting applications between March 26th and May 1st.  If you need more information or have questions about the application, please contact Chelsea Billeck at 573-635-6669.

2014-2015 Youth Ambassador Application



Photovoice, conducted by Youth Ambassadors of ACT Missouri, is a program that helps students in raising awareness of current youth health issues through photography and personal narratives. Please feel free to use these posters in your community, but please leave the “Youth Ambassador Photovoice” title on the poster. The five 2014 Photovoice signs are available for download below.


About the Youth Ambassador Program:

The MYAA Youth Ambassadors are a talented group of eighteen students from across Missouri who serve as the statewide youth voice for substance abuse prevention.  They’ll go through training with some of the top professionals in the field, design their own presentations to give in their communities, meet with legislators, and help plan the Speak Hard Youth Conference.Youth Ambassadors LogoWe welcomed the third class of Youth Ambassadors in August 2013 when 13 out of the 17 ambassadors gathered in Jefferson City for an introduction to the program, various team building exercises, some communication skill enhancement activities, and servant leadership training.

Rich Linden, a seasoned trainer and facilitator, entertained the group with fun lessons and anecdotes.  That afternoon Valerie Anderson explained how one person can make a difference with a presentation of the Micro Loan Program she started in India to improve the lives India’s poorest widows.

The 2013 Youth Ambassador class includes 1 three-year veteran, 4 two-year veterans, and 12 new youth to the program.  The youth represent communities from all over the state including St. Louis, Rolla, Lee’s Summit, Amsterdam, Goodman, Marshfield, Conway, Sedalia, and Jefferson City.

Youth Ambassadors on House floorYouth_Ambassadors_hosting__BreakfastGroup


December 7, 2013
Underage Drinking Prevention Training
8:30 am – 3:30 pm
Jefferson City
MYAA Youth Ambassador Group picture
March 25-26, 2014
Speak Hard Youth Conference & Preparation
Jefferson City
Youth Ambassador 2011/12 Media interview

Other Cool Events:

Just in case you want to do more than the required events listed above, here are a few more prevention events going on around the state.  Contact us for more info: